The Knot-Eaze range is durably designed to withstand the rogors of a dogs play with a tough double lining and reinforced seams. Constructed of soft plush, this range is available in two sizes:


Small – contains 1 squeaker in the body
Large – features 5 squeakers, 1 in each paw and 1 in the body

Knot-Eaze Pig
small – 25cm

Knot-Ease Donkey
small - 25cm

Knot-Ease Crocodile
large - 40cm

Knot-Ease Monkey
large - 40cm

Knot-Eaze Hippo
large – 40cm


The Plush & Tuff range features a durable inner lining and double stitched seams to last longer than your standard plush toy. Dogs love to play and interact with their owners, which makes these toys perfect for both fetch and tug games. There is no need to worry about your pooches teeth or gums as the toy has perfectly soft edges. Each toy contains a squeaker in the body for added playtime fun.

Plush & Tuff Beetle (16cm)

Plush & Tuff Butterfly (21cm x 18cm)

Plush & Tuff Lizard (blue)(small – 17cm)


The Dino range is super tough with its added durable lining and double stitched seams to stand up to rough playtime fun. This soft plush toy is a cute addition to your pup’s collection and features a textured polyester exterior and feisty dino design. Each toy contains a squeaker in the body for added playtime fun.

Denver Dino (Large – 23cm)

Sargon Dino (Large – 23cm)


The Helmet Head range is made up of a soft plush exterior with a natural rubber helmet, which makes it the perfect two in one toy. Great for shaking, tossing, retrieving, bouncing and dogs love to play!

Helmet Head Turtle

Helmet Head Lobster

Helmet Head Octopus

Helmet Head Crab


The Monster Treat Release Toy™ is both a treat release and fetch toy in one. Perfect for games of fetch that will keep your pup fit and active, with an unpredictable bounce with every toss. You can stuff the monster ball’s eye with treats that will keep your pup busy trying to get them out. The Monster Treat Release Toy™ is tough, durable and gentle on teeth. It is perfect to incorporate in water play as it also floats. The Monster Treat Release Toy’s eye glows in the dark. This toy is made of DURALITE material, and has a no-noise bounce. Keep your pup busy with this fun fetch and rewarding treat toy.

Monster Treat Release (green – 9cm)

Monster Treat Release (mini) (orange – 6,5cm)