Invincibles are packed with our bestselling Invincibles Squeakers which mean these toys Keep Squeakin’ If Punctured. Without the extra fluff and stuffing, dogs can shake tug, and play harder with squeakers and toys that were made smarter. The Invincibles feature Chew Shield Technology construction and super strong seams that keep you and your pup pulling and playing longer. A lightweight construction also works great for toss & fetch indoors or out making for awesome interactive fun! We know dogs play hard- that’s what makes playtime fun! The Outward Hound Invincibles were made with playtime in mind and designed each Invincible with stronger seams and stitching to keep tails wagging.

Invinc Mini Dog

Invinc Mini Duck

Invinc Mini Pig

Invinc Mini Hedgehog

Invinc Mini Penguin

Invinc Gecko 2sqk Red/Orange

Invinc Gecko 2sqk Green/Purple

Invinc Frog 4sqk Red/Orange

Tosserz Monkey

Tosserz Elephant

Roadkillz Skunk

Roadkillz Raccoon


Invincibles Tough Seamz are designed to play as hard as your dog does! Designed with double layered and double stitched seams, Tough Seamz are built to last twice as long as regular Outward Hound Invincibles plush toys. Tough chewers have met their match with these Outward Hound Invincibles Tough Seamz toys. Featuring Chew Shield Technology and our bestselling Invincibles squeakers that keep squeaking if punctured, these stuffing free, plush dog toys are made to stand up to tough play. Durable binding on these Tough Seamz toys challenge the mightiest of mouths helping dogs play longer and harder.

Tough Seamz Snake 3sqk

Tough Seamz Snake 6 sqk

Tough Seamz Gecko 4 sqk Orange/Green

Tough Seamz Elephant (S)

Tough Seamz Gorilla (S)

Tough Seamz Lion (M)

Tough Seamz Rhino (M)


Tired of toys that can't take the heat? Expect long-lasting fun with Outward Hound Firehose Fetch toys! Made with double-stitched seams and real firehose material, these toys are built to stand up to tough chewers. Perfect for fetch, tug or toss games, Firehose Fetch toys will keep your pup having fun and ensure long-lasting five alarm fun!

Firehose Squeak & Fetch LG

Firehose Squeak & Fetch MD

Firehose Squeak & Fetch SM


Nothing is fun about a flimsy dog toy! That’s why Outward Hound Fire Biterz are made from REAL fire hose material for LONG lasting fun. Ballistic tough material and bonded backing on these Fire Biterz combine to create a powerful chew shield that can’t be beat! Suitable for both INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLAY, your dog can play without the worry of dirt or water getting in the way of their fun. Your dog will love playing with these squeaky dog toys and you’ll be happy knowing that inside all Fire Biterz are Invincibles Squeakers! These bestselling squeakers stand up to tough chewing and Keep Squeakin’ If Punctured extending the playtime and the lifetime of what’s sure to be your dog’s new favourite toy.

Fire Biterz 3sqk Large Lizard Green

Fire Biterz 3sqk Large Dragon Red

Flamingo XL 3sqk

Blue Footed Boobie 3sqk


Squeakimals™ are music to dogs’ ears. This cute character is packed with noisemakers to keep pups engaged! Squeakers & peepers, plus engaging crinkle make playtime much more fun and exciting.

Lip Monster 5sqk SM


Dogs dig Squeaker Matz! With multiple rows of squeakers and an awesome shake and flap factor, these huggable, tuggable, fun-loving toys are guaranteed to keep your pup playing.

Gator 16sqk


Silly sounds equal more fun with Outward Hound Floppyz. This durable dog toy is made with unique and silly sounds that excite your dog with every flopping, shaking and tugging movement. Made with Chew Shield Technology, a durable layer of material creates a protective shield for more fun!

Donkey (M)

Cow (L)

Chicken (L)


Dogs love plush toys that are as cuddly as they are chewable. Outward Hound Fattiez have the perfect round shape that dogs can cozy up with and squeak with all day long. The Fattiez dog toys are built to squeak to their own silly sounds. Don’t be fooled by these cute animals, they are as durable as they are cute and are made with minimal seams for a more round, yet tough molar shape.

Pig (S)

Sheep (M)

Cow (M)


Expect huge fun with Outward Hound Hedgehogz! These classic toys are made with irresistible squeakers, Molar-Tough shapes and soft faux-fur, making them perfect for crunching, carrying and cuddling.

Hedgehog XLG

Hedgehog LG

Hedgehog JR



Hide a Squirrel LG
Simply stuff the squeaky animals into their plush home, and watch your furry friend sniff them out. For even more fun, hide treats and other toys inside the plush base.


No matter how you choose to play, this toy is sure to keep doggy boredom at bay!

Puzzle Cube
Hide and seek meets squeaking tennis ball fun with the new Puzzle Cube! Curious canines can retrieve the tennis balls from the durable synthetic rubber cube for a fun and interactive game indoors and out.



Squeakin Whistler Ball
Watch the Outward Hound Squeakin Whistler Ball soar every time it’s thrown into the air! As it glides, you’ll even notice a sweet whistling sound that makes it easy for your dog to follow. Give the Squeakin Whistler Ball a squeeze and your dog will be surprised by a squeak! They’ll love squeaking, chewing and fetching with this new outdoor fetch toy!
Tyre Ball
Made with an unpredictable bouncing pattern and durable tyre texture, the Tyre Ball combines the toughness of tyres with the bounce of tennis balls for a new way for your dog to play fetch and chew.