Your choice of squeak or optional quiet mode. For endless playtime possibility. Made to last. Fun to play!


The "Push to Mute" technology offers an innovative and unique solution to squeaking toys, as it allows owners to choose whether the toy squeaks or not, making playtime more exciting and your dog loving his new favourite toy.


The "Push to Mute" range is made using TPR – Thermoplastic Rubber – which is incredibly durable and strong yet flexible and supple, ensuring that each toy is not only long lasting but completely safe for your pet.

Rugby Ball

Regular Ball

GiGwi Owl

Johnny Stick

Forestails Duck Pink

Forestails Duck Blue


What can be better for your dog than just a regular stick…Johnny Stick!!!


Made to last even with everyday use, the Johnny Stick Small has a squeaker hidden inside the rubber which will squeak even after being punctured. A textured pattern & squeaking sound will make this your dog’s favourite toy!


Fill the Johnny Stick Treats Dispenser with your pets favourite treats and you’re ready to go!


Food and treat dispensing dog toys should be in every dog owner’s toolbox. They offer dogs fun, mental stimulation and a great way to burn off energy, helping to relieve boredom.


Johnny Stick Treats Dispenser is made of durable TPR – Thermoplastic rubber – which can be easily washed and has a locker for refilling the treats.

Johnny Stick Small

Johnny Stick Treats Dispenser


A textured pattern & squeaking sound make the Gigwi Squeaker Ball your dog’s favourite toy!


Perfect for outdoor play!


A fetch toy combining a squeaker made with durable TPR technology and designed in the classic tennis C-shape. This toy is perfect for countless hours of fetch.

GiGwi Squeaker Ball
Small 3pk (d = 5cm)
The Gigwi Ball Original, is a squeaking tennis ball, which makes dogs crazy all over the world.


Made with original tennis fabric.

GiGwi Ball Original
Small 3pk (d = 5cm)

GiGwi Ball Original
X-Small 3pk (d = 4cm)
Play, Interactive and Exercise!


Durable rubber ball with handle makes this big ball your dog’s favourite toy for outside games. The handle design allows your dog to easily pick it up and bring it right back to you. Vibrant, high visibility and colour combinations make this toy easy to track in large open spaces.


You pick any sport you prefer: Jumball is available in soccer, basketball and tennis shapes, with rubber skin or original tennis fabric and different style handles.

Jumball Basketball (d = 20cm)

Jumball Soccer Ball (d = 20cm)
Gigwi Crazy Ball will always keep your dog entertained when you are away.


The Gigwi Crazy Ball Series is another line which emphasizes our commitment to create toys using mixed materials.


A unique combination made with a rubber core, squeaker and a plush felt covering the toy. Crazy Balls are available in different styles and colours, so you and your dog will not stay unnoticed anywhere you go.


Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor games.

Crazy Ball Green

Crazy Ball Orange

Crazy Ball Brown


Plush Friendz will always keep your dog entertained while you are away!


Perfect for indoor play!


Despite the great number of different materials, most dogs still prefer to play with plush toys. Gigwi Plush Friendz are ideal to fetch, snuggle or chew. Soft toys retain your pet’s scent to keep him coming back to it again and again. Cute, soft and cuddly Plush Friendz feature charming designs made from quality, non-toxic materials. Once playtime’s over, your dog will cuddle up with its new friend to recharge with a nap. Find out why classic plush toys are so irresistible to dogs!

Plush Friendz Elephant w/squeaker

Plush Friendz Dog w/squeaker

Plush Friendz Racoon w/squeaker

Plush Friendz Squirrel w/squeaker

Plush Friendz Lion w/TPR Johnny stick

Plush Friendz Dog w/TPR Johnny stick

Plush Friendz Elephant w/TPR Johnny stick

Plush Friendz Penguin w/TPR Belly

Plush Friendz Cat w/TPR Belly

Plush Friendz Duck w/TPR Belly


Snoozy Friendz will always take care of your pet!


Gigwi Snoozy Friendz is a specially designed line of cushions that lets your cat or dog have its own place to hide out or snuggle in. They are made with ultra-soft, high-quality plush materials and added padding for maximum comfort. Snoozy Friendz will not only become your pets favourite recharge place but also will be an irreplaceable part of your home interior.

Panda Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion

Koala Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion

Elephant Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion

Cat Snoozy Friendz Sleepy Cushion


Interactive fun for the smallest of Friends!


Special textures help your puppies to clean their teeth while playing.


For endless playtime possibility!


Check out our latest collection for puppies and small dogs. The Suppa Puppa Series has several styles and colour options, all toys include a squeaker function and are created using the latest TPR technologies. These toys are easy to wash and perfectly suited for outdoor fun.

Suppa Puppa Cat (blue/purple)

Suppa Puppa Fox (pink/purple)
Suppa Puppa Bear (green/orange)


This collection is bringing ‘throw and catch’ activities to an absolutely new level!


The Let’s Fly Series is designed for maximum outdoor activity. Both the Squirrel and Duck have squeakers in their body for attracting your dog’s attention and can fly like a Frisbee.


Durable material is designed to stand up to even the toughest chewers. Exercise your dog in a safe and fun way.

Let’s Fly Squirrel with squeaker (TPR/plush red)