Attention to dental health in kittens, cats, and senior cats is an important part of their overall health. Because owners often feed their cats soft food and treats, cats do not get the opportunity to bite into crunchy items that can help clean away tartar build up which can lead to dental problems. Petstages® has developed innovative Dental Toys that offer cats of all ages the opportunity to crunch, chew and clean while they play.

Catnip Chew Ring

Catnip Chew Mice

Fresh Breath Mint Stick


In nature, cats scratch in order to keep their claws strong and in good health. Claws are vital for hunting, climbing, as well as marking and defending a cat’s territory. Domesticated cats need ways to address these natural behaviours yet keep them from damaging your home. Petstages Scratching toys provide interesting designs and materials that attract and keep your cat focused on objects that are appropriate for scratching.

Invironment Easy Life Scratch Hammock

Kick n Scratch

Wrestle & Scratch

Wobble & Scratch


While domesticated cats often find themselves confined to the indoors, they still retain the natural instinct to stalk and pounce. Curious by nature, they welcome any opportunity to bat, play or chase and love to interact with you when you are available! Activities such as chase, hunt and pounce address your cat’s natural need for playful interaction, providing indoor exercise to help keep kitty fit. Petstages® has thoughtfully developed Playing Toys to meet the natural hunting behaviour of cats of all ages.

Laser Fun

Cheese Chase

Catnip Carry Critter Mouse

Nature Track

Catnip Chaser

Madcap Wobbly Neck Bird

Madcap Swishy Fish Mat

Madcap Stand Up Mouse

Madcap Go Buggy

Madcap Frog & Fly

Madcap Crunch n Wrestle Fish

Scooting Mouse


New Environments, changes in your household or just mood changes can create the need to calm or soothe your cat. Because cats spend a great deal of time alone, it is essential that you provide a familiar, inviting environment when you are away from home. Use the Petstages® Soothing Toys to create warm, safe surroundings for your kitten, adult cat and senior cat.

Purr Pillow

Cuddle Toy

Kitty Cuddle Pal


Because cats often find themselves at home alone, they may become bored and inactive, needing help to find appropriate entertainment to stay energized. Toys that stimulate the senses will awaken her curiosity and prompt her into activity, reducing boredom and inappropriate behaviors. Catnip, sound and motion can all draw and keep kitty’s attention. Petstages®’ Energizing Toys excite the senses of scent, sight and hearing to arouse and keep your cat’s interest.

ORKAkat Wiggle Worm

Green Magic Mightie Mouse

Green Magic Boomerang Buddy