Activity Climbing Tower
(17cm x 17cm x 26cm)

Activity Suspension Bridge
(28cm x 9cm x 20cm)

Forest Cabin
(16cm x 13cm x 12cm)

Maze-a-log Treat Challenge
(30cm x 30cm)

Shred-a-Log Corrugated Tunnel
(18cm x 9cm)


Woodies 3D Carrot

Woodies Fruity Rollers

Carrot Toy 'n' Treat Holder

Woodies Play Carrots 6pc

Grape 'n' Gnaw

Play 'n' Climb Kit

Loofa Toss 'n' Treat Roller

Mini Sisal Carrots 6pc

Edible Play Log
Small 14cm x 9cm x 9cm
X-Large 22,5cm x 14cm x 17cm

Edible Play Shack
Small 16cm x 13cm x 16cm
X-Large 32cm x 30cm x 27cm

Hid 'n' Treat Chain
Small 27cm | Large 32cm

Treat 'n' Gnaw Log
Small 2pc - 8cm x 2,5cm
Large 15cm x 4,5cm


Glitter Hamster Ball

Pop Up Tent Medium 31cm sq

Pop Up Tent Large 36cm sq

Rabbit Activity Tunnel 90cm

Crinkle Activity Tunnel Small 28cm

Mini Grooming Set
Rosewood Options Mini Grooming Kit is a high quality practical grooming set for your smaller pets.


The set includes a Mini Double-Sided comb which is great for teasing out knots and tangles in longer coats, a Mini Slicker Brush which is excellent at clearing dead and matted hair (especially from the undercoat!) and a Mini Soft Brush which is ideal for promoting a healthy and glossy coat! Grooming your pet is a great way to bond with him or her, as many animals use grooming to reinforce bonds!

Paw Print Harness & Lead Small
Neck: 14-20cm | Chest: 18-28cm

Ideal for most ferrets, guinea pigs, and small rabbits such as Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarfs

Paw Print Harness & Lead Large
Neck: 19-30cm | Chest: 25-41cm

Ideal for most rabbits, including Dwarf, French and German Lops, Dutch Rex, Crosses and Larger examples of Mini Breeds